About Me

Hi, I’m Kate!

I established Winter Wolf in January 2022 after over 15 years providing pet care as a side gig to support my work in non-profits, teaching, and librarian-ing. Realizing that I am much happier observing the seasons with cheery pups than sitting behind a computer, it finally clicked that I could transform an enjoyable side gig into my main line of work. I grew up with herding and hunting dogs, and have a big soft spot for large breed and high energy pups. While I am not a trainer, I have experience with positive reinforcement training and enjoy working with pups to build or affirm their skills during our time together. I am fully insured and certified in pet first aid. 

While not walking dogs or smothering cats with love, I am enthusiastic about spending time outdoors, plant nerdery in all forms, participating in community science volunteer projects with environmental organizations in Puget Sound, cooking / eating, and wondering when I will start playing music again. The transition from libraries to walking helped me discover a love of audiobooks and podcasts, and I am always happy to share what I’m listening to. 🙂 

My wife and I are proud pet parents to Odin Louise, a rescued street pup who is equal parts affectionate, adventurous, and playful, as well as a rescued forest kitty named Freyja, who is the smartest and most intimidating member of our little family. As my business grows, I hope to continue learning more about training and behavior, and to expand my services to include outdoor adventures and group walks.